I picked up the newest issue of Vogue because it had Lady Gaga on the cover. I’m not really a Vogue reader because I hate falling in love with an item of clothing only to find it costs a gazillion dollars. Of course, in this issue they had a spread about punk-influenced fashion, and since I love the idea of taking punk/New Wave/goth fashion concepts and working them into my everyday wardrobe, I kind of fell in love with everything in the damned spread. I liked a fairly simple item featured in the spread: a black t-shirt with small rips in it held together with safety pins. Not exactly the most original idea, but it looked cool. The price? $1,600.00. Really?? For a t-shirt? My immediate thought was, “I can totally make that.”

I went to Target (that’s in my price range) and picked up a plain black tissue t-shirt. I wanted something that already had the feel of a worn t-shirt, and this one was perfect. I had a bunch of safety pins left over from my gazillion other safety pin projects, and I just went to town pinning them all over the shirt. I didn’t create rips in the shirt because I didn’t want the thing to fall apart. After I was done pinning everything, I used a needle-nose pliers to pinch the pins closed so they don’t pop open when I wear the shirt.

The result?

My shirt cost $10.00. Who wins? I do.