It’s been a week since Jack’s surgery, and he’s doing very well! I gave him his last dose of pain medication on Sunday evening. He’s probably pretty happy I don’t have to pin him down and squirt medicine into his mouth. If it tastes anything like Robitussin, then I can totally feel his pain. Blech.

The first few days he seemed kind of confused as to where his teeth went. I can’t blame him — if I went to sleep and woke up with 14 teeth missing, I’d be pretty confused, too. He seems used to it, now.

I’ve been feeding him soft food, and I’ll continue to give him soft food until I get the go-ahead from the vet to try dry food again. He really, really loves soft food, so I may just continue giving him that (maybe in addition to dry food since I have quite a bit left from his most recent bag). I don’t think he’ll have any trouble eating dry food eventually because he was never much of a cruncher back when he had all of his teeth. I jokingly refer to his eating style as “cat vacuum.” He just inhaled his food.

I got a call on Friday from the vet with the results of the biopsy they did on his chin. There’s no sign of cancer there, so either he just has a weird chin bone or it’s irritated from the Stomatitis. I’m just glad he’s in perfect health. His blood and urine tests came back normal as well.

The biggest and most wonderful news is that Jack’s fundraiser has gotten some help from my favorite internet kitty friend, Lil Bub. She has a Facebook page called Lil Bub’s Bubuddies that helps cats and animals in need by spreading the word about fundraisers, rescues, shelters and other info. Jack’s story was posted on the Facebook page, and tons of donations have poured in. $731.00 has been raised so far! I’m completely speechless…the kindness and generosity of everyone who has donated is unbelievable. I can’t express how incredibly thankful and grateful I am. (I’m getting all choked up again, damnit.)

A huge THANK YOU goes to Lil Bub and her Dude, Mike. The world is a better place because you two are in it.

Bonus sleepy Jack:

Honk-shu, honk-shu. This is a great opportunity to boop his nose. (He likes having his nose booped.)