The absence of school in my life is very weird. It’s strange to come home from work and think, “Hmm, what should I do tonight?” instead of veering into a panic trying to figure out what I can cram into a mere few hours. I’ve been keeping busy doing little things that I haven’t had time to do before (mending clothing that needed mending, updating my music database, etc.) and I’ve also been able to dive into my crafts again. It’s awesome.

So, for a graduation gift from my friend Carin, she gave me a few skeins of some really crazy green yarn. She said, “If anyone could come up with something creative to do with this yarn, it’s you.” Too right.

From that yarn (and some yellow boucle that my friend Amber gave to me a few years ago), I came up with this:

It’s a caterpillar scarf!

I used a 29″ size 8 circular needle and cast on 150 stitches. I just knit two rows each of the various yarns to create lengthwise stripes. I left the fringe on one end (created when I joined new yarn) and then sewed on buttons for eyes. It’s pretty ridiculous, but cute. It’s also a great way to use up half-skeins or small skeins of yarn you might have lying around.

Aww, wookit his wittle fuzzy face!


Now that that’s done, I’m working on another scarf. I love knitting scarves, because I love them. This is why I love living in Minnesota — I get to wear scarves pretty often. Except now, because it’s 85 degrees and humid. Yuck.