The “Foot in the Door 4” exhibit is only a couple of days away, and I’m really excited about it. I haven’t been in an art show in about 10 years. This is definitely the biggest one I’ve been a part of, so it’s very exciting. I also just found out Jake Rudh will be DJ’ing in the lobby for the premiere, which is awesome. He’s the host and DJ for Transmission, the most awesome “dance night” in the Twin Cities (in my humble opinion). He’s also a great guy with incredible taste in music.

For those of you planning to see the exhibit, here’s the piece I’ve submitted:

Lady Gaga
Digital Illustration

It’s pretty bright, so it should be easy to spot. I have no idea which gallery it will be in, but after the premiere I will post the details here. And pictures! I plan on taking lots of pictures.

Again, details about the exhibit can be found in my previous posts.