About This Work: MSRP “The Dead Talk Back” EP

The concept for the artwork was to create something that seemed pretty rock ‘n’ roll, but not too serious. Nic, MSRP‘s guitarist/vocalist/all-around jack-of-all-trades, liked some anatomy drawings I did a few years ago. I initially planned on using those, but ended up finding a website with vintage clip art taken from old textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias. There were hundreds of anatomy drawings available, so I used those instead. I used a skull on the front cover, a heart for the inside tray, and a full skeleton on the back cover. I went for sort of an old textbook look with the text, and added sort of a fiber-looking texture to everything so it looked like it was on old paper. And, to lighten up the mood a bit, Nic said he wanted to use bright green and bright purple as the colors, since they were the “least metal” colors he could think of. I think the artwork turned out really well, and the guys seemed to like it.