I’m giving my website some much-needed attention. Keep checking back for new artwork!

I’ve been very busy doing graphic design work lately. I designed a poster and postcard for Dusa, Fish, Stas & Vi for Theatre Pro Rata. They printed up nicely! The play opens Saturday, September 22nd. Check their website for details!

I also designed a page for the book, Words So Leisured: An A-Z of Franz Ferdinand by Helen Chase. It will be released soon through Northumbria University Press. I’m also included in a section of the book where I discuss my work with the fan club. To order a copy, please click here.

And, speaking of the Franz Ferdinand lads, I’ve been working on several pieces for the third issue of the Franz Ferdinand Fan Club magazine. I created the front and back covers and two layouts. One of my designs is also featured in the “Fan Art” section. I’ll keep everyone posted when the third issue is released.